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THANK YOU, CORRINE PIXTON, National Invention Convention winner, for providing this excellent example of an invention “pitch”.  Click HERE to view the sample “pitch” or copy/paste this link into your browser:  https://youtu.be/8_wUQEOzP7k

National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo link here


The pitch is a 1-2 minute oral presentation intended to “sell” the idea as a significant invention. Pitches must include:  Problem Being Solved, Full description of the Solution including how the invention would function if actually created, Why this invention is important (benefits to society, the environment, etc.) and Research conducted about the Topic and Existence of Similar inventions already on the market:  How is your invention different or better?  

Criteria for outstanding pitches will include:  Content (listed above); Poise and Confidence, Knowledge of Topic, Presentation Skills (eye contact, voice projection, articulation, posture), and Passion for their Invention.

NOT ALL STUDENTS WILL RECEIVE A CALL BACK TO PRESENT THEIR “PITCH”.  Preparing ahead of time will be beneficial just in case you are called back.  Being called back does not necessarily indicate you have been selected to win; NOT being called back does not necessarily mean you have NOT been selected to win.  If a child is not present at the Invent Idaho State Finals, they may send a recording of their pitch; however, that may not be as impressive as the child presenting “live”.  NOT being present does NOT exclude a child from consideration for selection to attend the National Invention Convention or to present their invention at the University of Idaho’s EXPO alongside college senior engineering students on April 29, 2017.


Inventions selected to attend the National Invention Convention in Dearborn, Michigan, May 31-June 2. Must have entered the 2018 Invent Idaho State Finals and will be selected based on an independent judging team decision, which is final.  Decisions will be based on the Invent Idaho judging form, as well as the oral pitch IF requested.  Not all inventors under consideration for Nationals will be called back to present their pitch.  If the student is not present at the Invent Idaho State Finals to present their pitch, they may send a recording, although having the student pitch “live” may be more influential for the judges.

**Inventors selected to attend Nationals are under no obligation to go to the event if the family does not elect to do so.  All expenses to attend Nationals, including but not limited to airfare, hotel, food, and registration will be the sole responsibility of the parents of the young inventor.

For further information about the National Invention Convention click HERE  or copy/paste this link into your browser:  http://www.stemie.org/national-invention-convention-entrepreneurship-expo-nicee/


To participate at NICEE, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Students shall have been taught under an appropriate invention and/or entrepreneurship curriculum
  •  Students sent to the national finals shall have been

vetted by a competition where they were chosen among

the best of their peers. States are encouraged to send

only their best student inventions to NICEE.

• Independent home schooled children are eligible provided they are   vetted by the at large participation process or by a state competition.

• Students shall meet the participation criteria for individual competition, which include:

o A prototype of the invention, not to exceed $50 in materials

o A display board explaining the invention,

not to exceed a standard 24” trifold, folding open

(all elements of the student’s display must fit in

that 24” space)

o A log book describing their inventing experience

o An ability to “pitch” their invention

o Students must have created the project by themselves

(and indicate where they got help)

o Parents must submit a photo/video permission form

and participation waivers

• Team based inventions are eligible for competition
o All students in each team must participate
in the competition pitch
o Students will each pay the registration fee

Invention definition (USPTO)
 Any art or process (way of doing or making things),

machine, manufacture, design, or composition of matter,

 or any new and useful improvement thereof, or any

variety of plant, which is or may be patentable

 under the patent laws of the United State




March 2-3,2018


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